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Hey everyone,

I just built a large cage for my veiled, and upon finishing it I noticed that it was too large to fit through my bedroom door. So my chameleon will have to stay in my apartment living room for now on, but I am concerned about how to keep his enclosure dark enough at night while I'm still awake with the lights on. The cage won't have any direct lighting over it, so I was thinking about putting Velcro around the top of the cage and hanging dark curtains around it at night. I'd only have 2 sides of the cage covered as the other too sides will have walls by them. Would this restrict airflow enough to cause problems or will it be fine just at nighttime? Or does anyone else have other solutions they'd like to share?


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That would be fine, or just drape 2 towels on the 2 sides at night.

Or....tear it apart and reassemble.


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Thanks for the advice! I don't have time to reassemble since he is quickly outgrowing his cage, but I'll add the curtains and put a lot of foliage in an area of the cage for him to hide in.


Just had to ask....If there will not be lights directly over the cage, where are your lights?
When I need the light on in my bedroom I just put a towel over two sides of Rebels cage because I know the light bothers him. I have seen him turn his back towards the front of the cage, because I have a small lamp on, so he could have his head in the darker part of his enclosure.


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I'm moving to a new apartment so I'm not sure where the lights will be yet. I'll make sure to put him in a location where he'll get optimum darkness at night
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