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I put Fractal in his revamped infant cage to take him to the vet's. (my vet is no longer here, need a new vet now) Anyway.. it's been a few weeks in the new big cage and I was concerned because he'd not knocked his old shed off and was looking horrible gray, etc. He's been in his old cage for 7 hours and he looks nearly like a brand new chameleon. No gray and now vibrant in color and pattern. Don't tell me he likes his old fake plants and small cage better? What is this phenomenon?
This kind of happens to my jacksons. When ever I change the UV bulb, about once every 9 months, they turn dark, and grey. I think it is because sudden increase in uv, but in a couple of days they are back to normal. Maybe your new inclosure lets in more uv than your old cage.
HA!...His old cage has less UV... You may be on to something. How long does the gray last for your Jacksons?
Hm? This has been going on for more than three days. I've found a vet through a nearby pet store. I made an appointment for Fractal for tomorrow afternoon. I think he should get completely checked out to be sure. I want to do optimal best by him.
Do your Jackson's let you touch their horns? What do they feel like?
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