Cage dilemma


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Hi all, I'm probably over-thinking this, but I am trying to decide on an adult size cage for my first chameleon. I am between a 24"x24"x48" with an acrylic clear door (the rest is screen) or an all screen that is 34"x18"x40". Both seem tall enough to me. I really like the idea of the clear door for viewing. But I also really like the extra width of the 34" wide. I want my panther to get his exercise! What do you think? Any experience with either type?


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the height is what is really important as they want to be as high up as they can unless they are adjusting their temperature, so you want a good amount of height to make them feel secure and to have a good temperature gradient. i would personally try to get an all screen 24x24x48, thats what many of us use and it works well! thats what im currently setting up to put my next veiled baby in :)
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