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OK i posted a thread about my chameleon bob i just wanted to check if i got things right my regular cage temp is 75F and my basking temp is 90F 50-60 humidity and i updated his two 60 watt uvb bulbs to 100watt and it seems better. thanks for your past help with him his colors are alot better hes not skinny as a rail anymore feedback would be appreciated!
Are you using a flourescent uvb bulb or incandescent bulbs.
The uvb rays need to be from a flourescent bulb.

Sounds good. Is that him in the avator? If so he is very handsome. I wish mine had more blue.
From your avatar and signature, I assume you are asking about veiled chameleons. I assume this animal is a sub-adult or older.

my regular cage temp is 75F and my basking temp is 90F
This is not good. Veiled chameleons need basking temps around 100F+. Proper temps are crucial.

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95F-105F try to get your basking temp somewhere in this range
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Thanks Ive got more pics of him in my gallary and to answer brads question He is 3 1/2 years old
How long have you cared for him? If you have cared for him since a baby, then you most likely don't need my advice on basking temps. :)
Um i just added a pic of him as a baby in my gallary sorry its bad quality i had to take a picture of a picture i have of him
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