C. parsonii parsonii (White-Lip)

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Due to an extended out of country trip planned this year I am parting with these animals and leaving the hobby for the time being.

Both animals have been in my care for over six months. I am not a retailer, importer or otherwise. Many of you know me and the conditions these animals have been raised in. You may have watched them grow from the <10 gram hatchlings that they were into the majestic sub-adult they are now. Because of their health and sex-able age they present an unusual value to those wishing to start a project with this species, or those who already have one going. There is no risk with these specimens, they are not smuggled CH hatchlings, sold as CB, of unknown origin and sex. I have relatively full journals of their life with me, growth, observation, and feeding preferences, and will share what information buyers are interested in.

These animals are not for beginners. Serious inquiries only. More pictures are available on request. Price includes insured (if allowed by carrier) shipping and PayPal. All prices are OBO, the animals must be sold. Please inquire via email as PM fills too quickly. You may also feel free to call me at (580)583-2395 between 10:00am and 9:00pm Central.

Wasabi: $2500.00



Je-uel: $2700.00


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Updated photo of Je-uel taken this morning 1/5/2007.


I am working on a pic of Wasabi as well. He is in full shed today and being a bit camera shy!
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