Bye little guy, I'll miss you :'(


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I just got back from my annual ski trip and I couldn't find Fírnen in his cage. So my parents tell me that they found him on the floor Saturday morning with blood coming out of his mouth. No vets were open close by and he died before they could get him to Raleigh. What did I do wrong his 1st birthday was coming up. I'll never get to see him grow into an adult. Now all I have is an empty cage and a broken heart. :'(


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That's so very sad. I am so sorry to hear about Firnen. It's the very hardest part about having a chameleon.


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Wow that's a horrible way to go:( sorry you didn't get to say goodbye :( rip such a sad thing to happen to our favorite reptiles :,(


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Sorry for your loss. Im sure he was a wonderful little guy and he definitely had an awesome name.


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Thanks everyone this has really hurt me, I'm not taking it very well. :(

I know what it is like losing a Cham. I love mine, and even after years and a good number of chams, I still cry and feel like a failure when I lose one. I lost a male panther right after he had his 8th birthday. I still wonder if I could have done something more for Arnold.

You will find there is more love for your next one. I am so sorry you lost your guy, RIP little one.
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