Buying from an online or any breeder question


When you order one from a breeder or get on the list, do they send you pics of you cham before shipping it out or do they just send you one based on what you order? I was thinking about this in the morning today. I know how awesome some of the panthers are from these breeders. Just curious for now.
It depends on the breeder. Most breeders will have a photo of each individual baby for sale with a labeled ID number, and you can order them specifically. Others may not, you just request a male from X parent and they will send you one. However, all good breeders will send you a photo/more photoes if you request them, in my experience.
If you buy from a small time breeder I'm sure they would email you pictures and some even a video of the chameleon you are interested in.
You're welcome! Yea, I think most of the breeders that are forum sponsors will advertise every individual animal, but I do know that I've ordered from others who maybe had too many babies to post individually so if I wanted photos I would have to ask. But I've never had anyone refuse that request, they usually have no problem whatsoever and will make sure to get several good photos for me to see or to choose between 2-3 babies I'm interested in.
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