Butterfly nets


Where do you buy these from? Apart from amazon I mean. I was thinking of catching some bugs down in Bolsa Chica next time I have a day off!

little leaf

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I made mine :p nothing gets away from me- lol you can use "bridal veil " , take a firm wire , drill a hole in a doll rod, make the wire into a big circle , and poke the ends in the doll rod - then make a funnel w/ the netting, I hot glued mine, glue that, and then glue it around the wire - or go to target :p they were not "in season" when I made mine ~ :cool:


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I got 6 for $5 at a "dollar giant" / "mini-price" / "buck or two" type store. They are intended for small children, but they work just fine. A stick of cheap bamboo, a looped wire, a piece of netting.
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