Bump on carpets eye


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I noticed a week or so ago that there was a bump on my carpets eye it looks like a zit but it is hard and leathery. He has been eating well i give him 3 crickets a day, he takes calcium with d3 once a week with a multivitamin. :confused::(

-Carpet Chamelon - male - 1year old - been in cage for 6 months
-I handle my chamelon once or twice a week
-I feed my Cham 3 crickets a day every day I dust it calcium w/d3 and herptavite once a week I gut load my crickets with flukers cricket diet powder.
-I dust my crickets with flukers calcium w/d3 and rep-cal herptavite once a week.
-I use spring water with a monsoon misting system every 3 1/2 hours of 30 seconds.
-I haven't looked at his poop lately and I just cleaned the cage yesterday so,I can't check.
-It's a 63 gallon reptarium
-I use a zoo med 100 watt heat bulb it keeps his basking spot at 81-82 I use a zoo med repti sun 5.0 I keep the lights on for 12-13 hours a day
-I have his basking spot at 80-81 and the ambidrient temp is around 71-76 I use a zilla probe thermometer
-the humidity is usually around 50-70 between mistings i use zilla probe thermometer
-I use two live plants a ficus Benjamin and a small umbrella plant (schefflerra)
-the cage is next to the door way so when you walk in its right there my little brothers run through there a lot and are very loud
-I'm located in Southern California in palos verde and there's usually a breeze outside the house.

Hope this helps
I'll try to get a picture up later.

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