bump/lump on veiled chams wrist


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as of late july 2018, i have had my cham named greg. he turned out to be a girl after i named him and it just stuck. today i noticed a small bump on his wrist and i don’t know if it’s worth going to the vet for.
he has a four foot tall, 18 inch out cage, he has two bulbs, one for heating at night, one for heating and light during the day. his humidifier is on 24/7 at about 80% humidity. he drinks water everyday and has about 5-7 mealworms dusted a day.
when i found the bump, my finger brushed over it and he flinched but i touched it again and he didn’t seem to mind. should i contact a vet? does anyone know what this could be?
if you’re wondering what happened to his nails, he wasn’t shedding too well when he was a baby and they rotted off but he seems to be climbing just fine without them.


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Could be any # of things, any thing from swelling from a local injury to cancer. Impossible to diagnose from a single picture.

Never heard of a bad shed rotting toenails off. Maybe if a cuff formed and was never treated but I just can’t see that happening around every claw at the same time, higher up on the foot or leg if anything.

I have a few areas of concern with your husbandry, if you’d like I can go over them with you. Just follow the instructions below:

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female veiled cham, has been in my care for nine months. i handle greg everyday cause he always gets a nice happy light green around my mom and i. he is fed in the morning 5-7 dusted (not gut-loaded). after he eats i mist his enclosure, he is also given water. i offer it to him two to three times a day. i use a normal spray bottle, but don’t have it spray, i have it in a stream sort of setting. he has not been tested for anything. he has brownish waste with yellow sacks. the calcium dust i use is reptivite. he has a screen cage. my stepdad and i built it, it’s 12” by 18” and 4 ft tall. the highest the temp gets is to about 77 degrees F and the lowest would be just below 70. about 60-70% humid. currently not doing anything to maintain it much, but the humidifier is always on. no live plants. the cage is located under my loft bed so when the fan is on, it doesnt move the air in his enclosure too much. geographically located in new york.
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