Bulk order crickets...


When picking up my weekly crickets this afternoon at my local mom and pop pet store I decided to ask if they would be willing to order me crickets in bulk. They said they normally don't do that and asked how many i wanted. I said 500 and I was told that I would have to order at least 2000...yes 2000.... :eek: So I guess I will be ordering my crickets from one of the sponsors...

Is 500 enough to start with to try to breed them or would I need more?

Guess its time to research cricket suppliers..lol


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500 is fine to start with although you will find that most online vendors are going to want to sell the larger sized crickets in lots of 1000. Order the 3/4" ones, this will allow you some time before they grow up and start to die off.

500-1000 is plenty to get some breeding going.
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