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When i was cleaning my chams cage i took him out and put him on the tree that i have by my window, i finished cleaning and turned on the lights for his cage i was going to put him back in but i let him stay on the tree and eat the crickets i left in a cup for him before i was going to put him back in i wanted to spray the entire cage down to get the humidity up and i accidently sprayed the bulb and it broke. Thank god he wasnt in the cage. I have only had my cham for two weeks now and i need help on figuring out if i can get a bulb at home depot or at any other hardware store, because all the pet stores are closed after 6pm.
If i can i need to know if i can get him a 75 watt bulb?:confused:

He is two months old and he is a veiled chameleon.
His cage is about 12" by 24" by 12" (length,height,depth)

Your help will be greatly appreciated thank you. :)
Hi Sally - are you just referring to a basking bulb or a UVB producing bulb? If it is just a basking bulb, yes, you can buy an ordinary incandescent light bulb. I typically used a 60-75w (depending on time of year since I live in the cold north). Buying a $25 temp gun is a very worthwhile investment in order to get basking and ambient temps correct. Chams do not have to touch a bulb to get burned.

If you are talking about a UVB producing bulb, then yes, you need to get a special one online or pet store. Just keep in mind that you can buy 2 ZooMed reptisun 5.0 bulbs on line for less than you will pay for one in a Pet store.

2 months is pretty young, most breeders won'y sell until at least three months. Did you get him at a store or show? Or from a breeder online. How does he seem to be adjusting. One thing to keep in mind about the little ones is that they can dehydrate easier than older chams. Some keep them in a glass tank until they are about 3 months in order to help keep humidity up - but then you have to watch temps! It's always something!:rolleyes:

Hes about 11 weeks, hes doing really well.:)

And yeah i was talking about the basking bulb.

I recieved him from a friend who breeds chams.:D

Thanks for the info.
I use a 60 watt floodlight bulb with a metal dome on the top, and another clamp light that is mostly used for working on things (don't know if you know what I mean) as well as the UVB light. My temps stay around 98-102 on the basking branch. Everywhere else it stays around high 70's and 80's. I got the metal dome reflector and lights at home depot.
lele said:
Buying a $25 temp gun is a very worthwhile investment in order to get basking and ambient temps correct.

This is so true. I love my tempgun :)
Brad said:
This is so true. I love my tempgun :)

when I first got it I was wandering around the house getting readings on everything from the herp basking areas, herps skin, my cats fur, the walls, my frogs water! lol! it was fun! I kept testing it for accuracy to see if it would keep giving the same temps on a given surface! I was temp-gun crazy! got it on ebay for $25 incl s&h! it is a must have. Only sorry I hadn't gotten in sooner!

My next will be a UV meter but they are bit pricier...do you use one?
:D hehe I was the same way when I first got the tempgun. Sometimes I'll fall into a relapse and go 'tempgun crazy' around the house or yard. It really is a great tool.

I don't have a uv meter. Would be nice to have. That reminds me, I need to get some new bulbs.
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