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I have a 1 yr old female veiled Cham. I am having a cage built by a master craftsman. The problem he is running in to the the screen. He is using basic metal screen like what is used on ur windows. But having a problem every time he tryes to pull it tight and secure it, it breaks. He was thinking the only way might to be starting over and building it like a window frame( ie. the groove running all the way around the inside, and securing the screen with a rubber strip. Like a window screen). Does any one know of another material he can use for the sides of the cage?

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Well, he could pull it a little less taught.

How is he securing it? If hes using a cheaper, uncoated screen, and securing it with small staples, he may have better luck with a coated screen, and using a larger staple, and adhesive perhaps.


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I made one a while back, with aluminum screen. I wanted the wood look so i made 3 window screens and then notched the wood to fit the screen on the out side and then used molding to cover it up.
Hardware stores have screen frame material that has a groove and corner fittings. Make your frame up to fit opening , place screen mesh over frame and roll black tubing into groove . Then screw it into wood opening, or you could secure screen with lattice. Just place around perimeter over screen and staple it.
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