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Little Hat

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Hi Everyone,

Buidling an enclosure for my 1 year old Panther Chameleon and I got two questions:

1) What type of screen should I use to enclose it? I've been reading a bunch of post and I want to make sure I get it right. I don't want to get too small of a screen and take the chance of my chameleon riping a nail out.

2) What type of stain or paint should I use for the cage? Looking for something non-toxic, bacteria/water resitant and able to handle humidity. Maybe someone can recommend a particular brand, if that's allowed.

Thanks for your help, will post pics once complete, been taking a pic log.


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Hey! Cool i built a cage also, i used water based stain and water based sealer. You will have to put an extra coat of sealer cause they are not has good has oil sealants. I used aluminum sliding door screen on the sides cause i have cats, the top is regular chicken wire so the light can penetrate into the cage. I used a local brand for artists. You can see pics of my cage and how i built it on my older threads.

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