Building A Screen Cage Step By Step

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Great post ... should be very useful to others.

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After looking at this again, I would worry about using normal window screen. This is a frequent cause of nail lose.
4 Aluminum window screens that measure 22x1/2x44

Check out this link: funnymanreptiles. They have some nice design plans. I think ChamFreak found this a few months ago.
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Update on Brad's last website link

Hey, I had tried that link a week or so ago and it was no longer in use. I actually tracked down who ran the website and I think he sent me the design for the double 4 by 4 by 2' enclosure. I think this is the one that I am going to build, if anyone would like the designs, please email me and I will foward it to you. Also, if anyone has any other design plans they have used, let me know as I am not yet started and am still kinda looking. My email is [email protected] :D
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