Building a drainage system


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Hi guys,

I've recently upgraded to a mesh viv, I'm now looking at building a drainage system for it to sit on. I haven't started sourcing wood or anything yet and after reading about various drainage systems on here I've came up with this idea.

Basically i will be putting a raised plastic mesh grid on the floor of the viv, this will allow water to drip through to the waterproof tray that is currently there.

Under the whole of my viv i will be building an MDF stand for the viv to sit on, in this stand will be some pvc to create a drainage channel allowing me to channel it to the back of the viv and into a bucket underneath.

I want to avoid boring a big hole in the table it sits on at the minute, hence the stand im building with the drainage inside it. Also has to be pleasing to look at as its in my living room, i can paint this MDF how i like once its made.

Any tips or other options?

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