Build a boat a Flood is coming.


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Apparently my little dripper decided to bring about the old testament. Seriously Noah would be proud. A single drop every second apparently FLOODS AN ENTIRE BIOACTIVE VIVARIUM! Goodbye my cubaris murina culture, all 35+ of them, babies not included... atleast all the springtails floated. OH! I also found the dubia esacpee that decided to become an adult while hiding in my substrate.

P.S. dont make my mistake. Build a boat.


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I use a pump to my drippers with a 10l reservoir. The drips fall down the pothos leaves but I have a catcher at the bottom of the drop that pipes the water to a waste water bucket below.

Even when leaves get climbed on and the water misses the catcher, I've never had the levels get past the drainage layer.

I feel your pain though.
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