Bug catchers?


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Anyone know of a site that i can purcase a live bug catcher? something i can just set outside and check it ever few hours or so?
Hello mr jamaica, welcome to the Chameleon Forums :)

The only commercial 'bug catcher' i know of is the Bug Napper. I have not used one yet, but atleast one person from these forums seem to highly recommend them.

Froogle Link: bug napper
keep in mind....

that even if you do not use pesticides on your property many people do and insects can fly quite a distance - especially where light and pheromones are involved. Also, be sure you know what the insect is before feeding it to a herp. Rule of thumb: combinations of black/red/orange are usually warning for toxicity or other defense.
lele has a really good point on pesticides. I think it would be hard to find an area where local insects do not have a chance of some kind of pesticide exposure.
I love my bug napper. My panther chameleon seems to be happy with the purchase, too! He is actually looking a little chubby, something that I wouldn't say he has ever been.

I just recently purchased a Bug Napper as well, and I'm in love with it. It's really convienant to just collect the insects in the morning, and feed them off whenever. And hey- if you have too many, you can just let them go and not worry about it. Plus it's a great variety in your chameleon's diet. I say go for it. :D
Michelle and Heika,

How do you know for sure if a bug is non toxic? And how dangerous would be if one of the bugs is contaminated with pesticides?
Hi Susy,

I live in a pretty rural area on a few acres. I don't have a whole lot of neighbors, and the ones closest to me aren't exactly the pesticide type. In fact, the closest house to us was finished less than a year ago, and they don't even have a yard yet. The next closest neighbor just lets everything grow wild. We don't use pesticides either. I think I can safely assume that we are running pretty pesticide free out here.

I am guessing that if the pesticide dose was high enough, it would at least make your cham sick. At low levels, it might give it a headache, make it feel crappy.. but as long as those low levels weren't continually fed, the pesticide would probably flush from the system over the course of time. Luckily, we are well beyond the era of DDT and other really nasty pesticides. While I wouldn't be so confident to name pesticides as safe, they are safer than they used to be. All of this is assumption based on no fact, and I would love to hear what others think of pesticide poisoning...?

Susy said:
I live in a very large city. Maybe that bug napper is not an option for me... :(

I Live On 1.5 Acre & Assume Somekind Of Pesticide Is Being Used In The Area So I'm Not Gunna Take The Chance.

Maybe I Could Take The Bug Catcher Out To The Creek & Enjoy Nature For A Few Hours And Bring Home My Prizes.:)
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