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i just finished ordering from ebugco.com....they have preboxed 50 crickets pregutloaded and enriched with calcium my question is...since they are inriched with vitimins...do i still have to dust them with calcium? any one have any expierence with these crickets. thnks for any replys
Crickets will not stay gutloaded for very long. I am not positive about the timing, but I will guess after around 48 hours a lot of the gutloaded nutrition is gone.
Their method of 'gutloading' and hydrating the crickets is a green slob of gunk placed in the box that dries out quite quickily; looks similar to silkworm chow. I've purchased them from my local petstore before, and I always get a fair number of dead crickets at the bottom. :( If you're going to purchase them, than dust them, and I would reccomend using your own gutload. Lordy knows what they put in that thing. :eek:
a method of gut loading beforehand is to starve the crikets for 12-24 hours then 1 hour before feeding give them a gutload. They will much it all down for they are starved. A cricket is only good as long as it hasent pooped.
They will much it all down for they are starved.
They will also begin to eat each other, so be careful about that.

As I said above I am not really sure how long a cricket will remain properly gutloaded. Gutloading crickets an hour or two before feeding your chameleon would be ideal.
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