Brreding troubles for panthers


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my ambilobe male wants to but my sambava female just doesnt seem interested is there anything i can do to have them breed?
i wanted to because i thought the bloodlines were nice ,kamerflauge Kreations casanova + mahagaga(his picture is the first 1 on their family photo album) he wants to bad but she just basks in his heat lamp when i pair them

Ok, you say that your female is not interested, but how so? Is she becoming aggressive, gaping or turning "gravid" colors or whatever you call the uninterested females? I dont know if you have breed before or not, just asking because I have gotten my info purely from reading, and the female is supposed to seem uninterested and unresponsive if she is receptive right, and angry if she is unreceptive. But I guess women of all species have some things in common. Anyways, sorry if you knew all this and its not any help. Good luck.
Chamtree is right, she will move away if she is ok, he will eventually catch up. Just step in if you see her attacking him.

You should be ready to go the distance if this is what you want, so read up on breeding! If you are just doing this b/c your panther is randy, then I suggest you keep him visually blocked from your female and leave it at that. Breeding puts the female thru stress and you should be prepared for her future health and to incubate the eggs for nine months.

Good luck and have fun!

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