Brown little spot on his horn!

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I bin trying to get it off but it's like impossible to touch his horns! But idk maybe he will cleen it off? I really need to know if my cage is ok I have it raining every hour and I have a ultasonic humidifier. Is even in the largest zoo med screen cage .
Can you post a picture?
Also q tips are a good resource for something like this. When my eldest has stuck shed stuck by his eyes I will take a wet qtip and gently rub it, he just sits there and let's me do it. He's usually cranky with the eye shedding so I help speed it up a bit so he's not uncomfortable.


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Every hour sounds excessive. How long is the mister going off? And you don't mean during the night hours do you? If so, do not have the mister going on at night. You want your cage to be able to dry out.
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