Brown Color Help Please


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My veiled recently has been moved from a 30 gallon flexarium to a 100 gallon flexarium, since he has been put into the new cage he had one shed about a day after the move and ever since his color which is usually a light green with dark green lines and turned to brown completely with a few dark green stripes, now he eats and drinks and poops and is active I just don't understand why for over a week he has been showing this brown stress color ?, is this a issue that something may be very wrong ? please help

Thankyou Rob


Chameleons don't like change. I am sure he will be back to his normal colours in time. He just needs to get used to his new environment.


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I agree with Hazel. Just give him a couple days or so to adjust. Continue feeding him and watering him at his normal schedule and give him some time to acclimate to his new big home :)
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