Brothers together..


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Rex and jackson are kinda like brother's except when i first introduced them rex tried to eat jackson... :p Anyway now there cool. Rex is 400gs and jackson is 35gs but he doesnt take crap. :rolleyes: i got a couple good pics of them together. :D


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I wouldnt risk it, they are animals, with animal instincts, they dont do 'friends'!

My own veiled cham, Smeagol tries to eat little Smidget (another veiled, but very small) and Kokie (also little) every chance he gets.
He tries to hump and bite larger Noogie and Squee Jr.

I once opened Smidgets cage to clean up some poop, when Smeagie came
swooping in off the free range, flew into the cage, and attacked him.
Since I was standing right there, I could just grabe and pull him off.
But if I had turned my back, little Smidget would have been Smeagie's lunch!! :eek:
I dont think you guys get it. Rex was asleep, i had my hand behind jackson so after i took the pic i put jackson in his cage. If you guys knew rex you'd know he has never once bit or hissed at me. He even sleeps in my bed on the weekends, he is probly the biggest gental giant you'll ever meet. :cool: veileds, thats your problem right there, i havent met a nice veiled in person ever. :p Im sorry you guys have had bad expierences but did you stop and think maybe he had them in a controlled environment, maybe his chams didnt try to bite a finger off, or that they see each other all of the time?
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