Brightening up to come out of cage?


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For the last 5 days, I've been letting Cosmo come out of the cage and hang out in an umbrella tree I bought. He seems to like it a lot. At least that's what it seems like.

The tree sits beside his cage. I've been finding him exploring his cage more and I'm pretty sure he's trying to figure out how to get to the tree. He's also been running right up to the front of the cage when I come into the room. If I drag the tree to the front of his cage, he'll basically run to my hands which are making a bridge to the tree. I then let him stay in the tree for a couple hours. I have to then either tilt the tree into the cage, or pick him up and put him in the cage. Just these few steps are getting him a lot more used to handling.

The thing I've noticed is he really flares his colors once he sees the tree and will continue to be bright when he's in the tree. In the past, I've associated this with stress, but he seems to be looking forward to the tree. I'd hate to think I'm misreading him and something is stressing him out, but I don't think it's the tree. I'm already planning on incorporating it in his upgraded cage which he's going to need soon. He's growing like crazy! At least doubled his size in 2.5 weeks.

So, am I misreading him? Or maybe his brights are his happy colors. He's not gaping or puffing up.


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Bright colors just me stimulation of some sort, this can be bad things like being scared, or uncomfortable in some way. It can also be good things like excitement to get somewhere, breeding, hunting, etc. A lot of chams like to get out and explore, assuming your cage/husbandry is fine I'd say you have nothing to worry about.
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