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Hello all! I have two chameleons that I keep in the same room as my snakes. I generally feed the snakes at night time, well after all the lighting in the reptile room has been turned off. I do need some lighting in the room when it's time for snake feeding which is only once every week or two. I just purchased some LED bulbs that can be enabled in every color you can imagine, as well as being dimmable. My plan is to make the lighting as dim as possible during this time. Would a certain color of light be better than others for a brief period of time while feeding the snakes? I want to disturb the chameleons as little as possible. Thanks for the suggestions.
I have my leopard geckos in the same room as my chameleons and so have the same need for night feeding. I have a small light I turn on and it doesn’t seem to bother my chams.
I've been doing the same and mine also seem undisturbed. The panther seems to be able to sleep thru anything but my Jackson's, who is newer so maybe still getting acclamated, will occasionally open his eyes and I feel really bad. I did notice that the later it is the less disturbed the are. Probably deeper sleep.
Have you thought about cage covers for the chams when you have to do feedings for your snakes?

I have my boy in my room at night. When I go in I have a small bed side lamp I have to turn on so I can see. I got a blackout curtain and cut it to size to wrap around the front and sides then got the command little hooks that I hooked on the frame of the cage at the very top. Sewed some small rings onto the top of the curtain to hook onto the hooks. For mine I did cut off the curtain on the bottom so that the chimney effect would still work and provide airflow up and out the top of the cage. I have used this since 2019 with him and it works great.

Mine never started walking around after they were committed to the sleeping stick, even if i turned on the room lights etc for a half hour. but i dont "live" in the room so cant comment on what happens if the tv is on for hours etc.
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