breeding setup idea??


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hey i dont have a chameleon yet, but i was planning on breeding/ growing its food, when i do get one. i was thinking of just getting a couple of those plastic office drawers like this

and just putting dirt whatever in some for the worms and egg cartons in another for crickets. i haven gotten into breeding the insects too much so i dont know what id put in each drawer for evrey diffrent insect, but for the overal concept, just breed/mate them in a couple of these drawers. does anybody think this is a good idea? oh and p.s., i do know that i have to feed the insects
imho, you will want to breed your feeders in glass tanks (able to hook up heat pads without burning the bin [ie. dubias roaches need enviornments of around 90 degrees to breed]). for crickets and other insects, medium size to large size tote bins (rubbermade).
Those drawer style set-ups like in your post work great for mealworms and superworms- not so great for crickets. I use 90 qt. (about 20 gallon) sized plastic bins for crickets.
HEAT TAPE!!!! if you set up heat tape with a dimmer, you can use them on anything! I use it on all kinds of plastic, nothing ever melts. I usually catch it warping a little so I know when to turn down the heat.

Also, anything that covers the top WILL NOT work for crickets unless you want to mass murder them and make your house smell like poop. Crickets need all the ventilation they can get (from 3/8 inches on anyways.) The smaller crickets do okay with minimal ventilation, but the bigger they get, the more they smell. If you havent already read about it, the awful smell of other dead crickets kills the live crickets...

I dont think it's worth it to breed crickets unless you only need pinheads-1/4"
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