breeding panthers-stupid questions?


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ok - I have 6 month?? old male panther and a 1 yr old female panther. separate cages (except on date nites). female panther layed eggs for first time this past October (before we got male panther) which is what made me want to get the male so that I could try to mate them. How do I know when to put the male in the cage w/ her to breed. She is always pale colored. tan/pink/light blue...she is never aggressive toward him. I put him in there every few days and usually they just ignore each other. Last week she walked right up to him and I would swear she was flirting. she remained light colored but he didnt seem interested. Is he too young? is she maybe just not ready to mate yet? if she is ready but he isnt will it do her any harm to lay an infertile clutch of eggs? if she does have eggs but they dont mate will she obtain the gravid coloration prior to laying the eggs so that I will know to put some dirt/sand in the bottom of her cage so she has a place to deposit her eggs? -- I know lots of different questions. anyone??
Well, he could be too young. The female will put on quite the display when not receptive, so I think this is linked more to the males lack of interest.

No, it will not harm her to lay infertile eggs, just make sure she has a place to lay them. Chances are she may not show the gravid coloration unless in sight of the male, but she may. Just to be safe add a laying container asap.

Here are a couple comparison pic's


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