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I have a male Jackson chameleon and he is about 1 year 4 months old. He turns a nice powder blue color on his feet and tail along with beautiful greens. I would like to find a female Jackson in the area to breed him with.

Please let me know if anyone has one and is looking for the same.



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You have what sounds like a very handsome Jackson's.
Breeding Jackson's is fun and a truly special experience but it is often costly and things may not turn out the way you plan.

I know you're not looking to buy a female but still, you should know that breeding Jackson's opens up a huge "can of worms", so to speak.

First, Jackson's females can and often do go rapidly downhill after breeding.
Secondly, the babies can be difficult to raise--and it's costly unless you breed your own feeders.
Jackson's females often give birth to 20-30 babies at a time.
There is a strong tendency for the females to retain sperm and give birth twice from a single pairing.
Even if the owner is willing to allow her cham to mate, the female cham may not be interested.
You will also want to be sure that both parties are extremely healthy and free of parasites.
Nobody wants his cham to pick up an unexpected "bonus".
It is always tempting and, of course, you fell kind of bad for the cham to live a celibate life but it's best to know what the undertaking involves beforehand.


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Yes I have heard many horror stories about breeding Jacksons, and how difficult it can be, especially since they give live birth, vs eggs. I always wondered why so many Jacksons for sale were wild caught...and that seems to be the reason why.
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