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I did some digging to try and find out this information. was blown away, I know every situation is different but I would like to hear everyone now what they say. I feel more breeders, new information

I read,
Panthers lay about 1-5 clutches per year?

I heard it depends on husbandry, please enlighten me what would promote egg laying?

I read it depends on how much food you feed them? What I can I do to promote more clutches?

I read that clutch sizes are from 20-60 eggs?

With in the next year, I have since a member of 2005 here wanted to breed panthers. I have time, money and space now and I would love to start this. I feel reading and researching helps. I read them all, but as years pass, new information comes along. I want to make sure I do this perfect. I appreciate all help given.


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Husbandry and food both have a large role to play when it comes reproducing. It’s pretty simple.

Bad husbandry + little/poor quality food = less eggs

Good husbandry + quality diet = more eggs.

But in the long run you do not want repeated large clutchs from your girl. It is very hard on her, large clutches mean an early grave for her.

You know this entire forum is here to help you but I think you should seek out a mentor, someone who can be intimately involved with every step you take. Good luck!


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I appreciate that, finding a mentor seems like a great idea. I am just not sure if anyone would be willing to do that.
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