breeding feeder comet goldfish

I used to breed feeder goldfish and guppies to feed to Oscar and other large fish I had. It was easy. Had a fairly complicated by very effective under ground filtering system and pumps through multiple tanks. But I kept wanting to "save" the feeders from their planned demise. Switched to buying organic beef hearts and steaks, along with using the bugs I bred, like mealworms (which I dont get emotional about).

You're not talking about using fish as a feeder for chameleons, are you? that Doesnt sound very natural to me.
Goldfish? I believe you need a 'spring' for them to lay and fertilize eggs and you have to make sure they don't eat the eggs.

Guppies are way easier. They pop the live little suckers out like non-stop! They eat them as snacks too.
ya I was thinking more guppies over goldfish. they are less fatty too. If i put a bunch in the pond do you think ill get a colony started?
ya I was thinking more guppies over goldfish. they are less fatty too. If i put a bunch in the pond do you think ill get a colony started?

If the conditions are correct, yes. I've raised many fish with my turtles and its either hit or miss when it comes to reproducing. In some of my aquariums the fish have reproduced non-stop and in others not so much.
If you're going with any fish, be sure to keep the water nice and clean. Turtles can be way too messy for fish. Remember that you now need to provide optimal care to two species at the same time.
Id recommend Gambusia

These are an extremely versatile species that tolerate an amazing variance in environment, bare live young prolifically and freshwater turtles love them!
I caught and introduced a bucketful to my 5000litre pond and my turtles have yet to dent the population significantly.

note* if these species are not native to your local area, please be environmentally responsible and never release them in natural waterways :)
these guys are tottally native! when I was younger I used to catch them and feed em to my turts. Theres a creek by my house and theres a huge battle between fish and tadpole. we call em mosquito fish. How big do they get? as I recall they dont get that big? thanks for the suggestion.
Stuck with no bugs

I would like to pick this thread up. We have had our veiled cham for 10 months. We live in the Middle East and you cannot buy live crickets anywhere - and now that it is summer, there are no bugs to be found. We have had some success with canned crickets, but he is loosing interest and he does not seem to care for vegetation. So, back to the fish topic. If I had to supplement his diet for a little while, what do you think about feeder fish (guppies?). Any input or discussion would be appreciated. Thanks!
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