Breeding at 4.5 Months


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"Truk" hatched out 4.5 months ago (November 20) and look at him now! And this is the second female he's been with. Last week was his debut with the ladies. Attaboy! (Hopefully he isn't shooting blanks at this age.)
I would think waiting till he is older you would have more viable eggs.. Definaty really young he may not even be producing sperms yet.


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Congrats on owning a nice orange body blue bar male. I bred the guy in my avatar at 5 months old and my female actually double clutched and produced a clutch of 32 eggs, 3 infertile and then a month later 27 with only 2 infertile. Some chams are early bloomers. If the base of the tail looks bulgy then hes carrying sperm. I think you are good to go though. Keep me up to date.
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