Breeder's special on Healthy 6-8 old CB Females: 3 for $550 shipped

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All of these females are healthy, from great lines, and getting close to breeding age/size. Get an amazing deal at $525 SHIPPED for any trio.

Please message us on the forum or send an email to [email protected] with any questions.

We accept paypal and ship via Fedex priority over night.

We have a live arrival and 7 day health guarantee.

We have Blue Bar Ambilobe females that are nearing 6 months old, sired by Peleliu.

Sire (Photo belongs to Jungle Panther):

We have Nosy Be's sired by Wake from Jungle Panther, also nearing 6 months old as well
Wake (photo belongs to Jungle Panther):

Nosy Bes from Chameleon Comany's Houdini and Kneecap
Houdini Female:

Kneecap Female:


Ambanjas From Chameleon Company's Josie & Willy Pete

Willy Pete (photo belongs to Chameleon Company):

Sambavas From FL Cham's Patchan and Kammer's Vincente:



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