Breeder BB Ambilobe Females- Zanzibar Lines

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This is their sire ZANZIBAR.

These girls are getting big! Females only for sale, all males are sold. They will be excellent breeders!! All are friendly and able to be held.

Letting them go for $180 including shipping to anywhere in the US! Two for $320 shipped.

Live arrival guarantee and 30 day health guarantee.


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These girls are 5 months old now. All of them are sweet girls able to be handled and will make awesome breeders! These are the biggest of their clutch.

Each female is only $150 including shipping! Get two and I'll ship them both to you for $260!!

Actual chameleons for sale, just PM me which one you would like. Pics just taken!
Correction... Z4 is still available, buyer hasn't responded. I have decided to change the price to $160 with shipping anywhere. This girl is hefty and will probably be ready to breed in a few short months!
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