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Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by Gfort04, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. Gfort04

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    I'm in the process of getting everything ready for my first panther and while wondering around Ikea with my wife I found these. They were only $6 so I couldnt pass them up. The only thing Im not a fan of is the bleached color. Is there any kind of chameleon safe way to change them to a darker natural color?

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  2. I have used these and they actually do get darker on their own in the enclosure. They do wick any water that gets on them, so they will start to get funky looking after awhile. They are cheap to replace, though, so no big deal:)
  3. rummbo

    rummbo New Member

    Thanks for sharing! I just happen to be going today. Hope they have them at my Ikea store.
  4. Gfort04

    Gfort04 New Member

    Awesome thanks and np they are in the fake plants section
  5. Mike Fisher

    Mike Fisher Established Member

    Natural tannins like tea, wine, coffee, berry juices. The berry juices would be the darkest. They'd go on red. but turn to brown after they oxidize.

    Can't get any safer or more natural than that.;)
  6. giesle

    giesle Avid Member

    I soak my grapevine branches in water for a couple of days and that really helps. Looks like those would need to take up the bathtub.
  7. Gfort04

    Gfort04 New Member

    Yeah they are about 6ft so I plan on cutting them down for different lengths. I going to have to try the natural stains. Thanks
  8. bbprinting

    bbprinting New Member

    I use those also, only problem I had once that they were slick like bamboo so my juveniles had trouble holding on so I took them all and used sandpaper to rough them up some and it made a huge difference.

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