Branches for Dragon Ledges


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Hey guys!

Starting to install some Dragon Ledges (finally got them!!!:D) and I'd like to get some nice looking support branches. The goal is to get everything off the floor of my enclosure, so that I can clean the substrate tray easier. My enclosure is an Exo Terra Medium Screen Enclosure (24x18x36"). Does anyone have suggestions as to how to attach the branches to the Ledges? My zip tie strategy isn't working, due to branches being too small and they slide through the tie.


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I set the larger branches on top of the dragon ledges, and used zip ties through the holes, and around the spacers of the braces. Then you can attach the smaller branches, and vines to the larger ones. Re-did it several times until I got the structure I wanted.
What size and type is that cage? Looking good!
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