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Im in the middle of putting together my chameleon cage before he arrives and I was wondering how big (or small) around the branches should be? He's supposed to be 2-2.5 months old when I get him.. all the ones I found are about 1-1.5 centimeters wide. Is wide the right word to use? haha Hope that makes sense.. I also bought some baby bio vine and the branches are about the same size as that. I dont want the branches to be too big for my little guy!

Thanks! :)
have a variety of sizes for him, just like they would find in nature. I have real skinny ones and some that are fatter. They have nails to grip the thicker vines and branches also. It is ok if their feet cannot wrap around the whole branch. I mean he is going to be small at two months so you don't want them super thick obviously.
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