Bradypodion thamnobates


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Hi I would like to know how big terrarium B. Thamnobates needs. I have been searching on the internet for a couple of days but with no results.


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About screen cages. I live in Sweden and the weather can be really cold sometimes so would a glass cage be better?
Bradypodion CANNOT be kept successfully in glass long term. They NEED more air flow or will develop infections. B. setaroi are the only species of Bradypodion known to be kept successfully in glass terrariums.


hm, if they are outside they should be in screen terrariums (I have them in Flexarium or glass just on front side).
Inside I have them in glass terrariums, well ventilated, and it is necessary to pay good attention that it dries relatively quickly (I have in room itself 60% rel. humidity what is more than enough). If you have them in screen cage in dry room it can be problem as well but I believe that it is easier keep them in screen than in glass. However both has problems.
Ideally it is outside. Until night temperature drops bellow 3°C I have them outside and do not care if it rains, etc.
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