Boys just want to have "fa-un"


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I had a few girls receptive this weekend, so the boys were waiting anxiously.
Sorry for the quality of the photos- They were taken with my phone and the lighting wasn't the best.
These are a few of my new recent male additions to my breeding program. They are offspring from my bloodlines and are about 7 to 9 months old. All were successful in getting the job done....
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I did not look at the sex stuff, i carefully only looked at each of the six chameleons individually. Just you california porns.:D

Oh yes I forgot, I am from cali - and I did look. lol rite kinda good, so I was a thinkin' you reed alright too!.
Sorry just too hard to spell incorrectly, especially on my phone.
I happen to very much enjoy your threads, but then you let it slip you are old, like me!
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