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Hi from the UK...
I have recently got a four month old veiled chameleon and started off his viv with jungle bedding soil. This was until I saw him eating some and did some digging around on the Internet. I then whipped it straight out and now have a bare bottom. My question is what do you guys do with the moisture from misting your vivs..? Or should I just mop it up straight away as I go along...?


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Install a drainage system. It’s ok to have a bit of water in your viv, just don’t let it get out of hand. Most excess water should be getting sucked up by you plants anyway, just takes a few mins.


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I got a drain like in a kitchen sink in my enclosure, it works wonders, even with my bioactive setup...
On my previous screen enclosure I just drilled some holes in the bottom and had a container under it to collect the water.


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Currently I mop mine up daily. I plan to set up a drain with a bucket to catch it. It wasn't a big deal at first but with the longer mists and dripper the plant couldn't hold it all.
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