Booda's attitude problem (His first shed!)


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So I have had Booda for about a couple of weeks or so and he has always been relaxed around me and pretty tolerant until one day I went to feed him and he charged at me and bit me! I couldn't figure out why, I thought maybe I did something he didn't like, so I quickly shut the cage (for fear of him charging at me again) and left him alone.

Attached are pictures of what I found!

My baby's first shed! (That I've seen) :D :p


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Could be because he is shedding bit could also be because of something you are wearing. Chams can be sensitive with colours. Think back to what you were wearing and if brave enough test it out.:)


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Haha maybe. But either way it was funny when a 4 inch baby came at me with a little warrior cry. He is fine now with the clothes I wear. He was just cranky. All the skin is off and he is a beautiful bright green, with hints of yellow and blue dots! I'm excited to see what he will look like when he is older
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