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Hi Guys

I was wondering if anyone has a blueprint for a cage that is well suited for a female veiled chameleon. I'm tired of my screen repterium cage, the zipper is always giving me problems and is gettin realy annoying. So if anyone can give me a blue print and list of what would I need, this will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for the sites. And I'm goin to try to put some vasaline on the zipper but the zippers acutually came off before and I had to take to a taylor shop lol as funny as that sounds. I'm really thinking about makign own though. I think it would be better. Or would it?? Any advice

I meant to use it until you had constructed a new cage. If you put enough though into it, and are a handy man, then you'll like the new one for sure. Then your new dilemma will be that you want to make new versions top improve of the first each time!
I found a different source of plastic sheets if you cant find the corigated. Use the plastic they sell for the drop ceiling lights like for basements...they come in 2x4 sheets. I also thought that the PVC rubbery sheet on a roll they sell for lining a shower stall might also work.
Oh ok. I got you. Yea, I'm alright, but I have family that will be willing to help me and are good handy men. I like the the first cage I saw in the first site I was given above but would that be good for indoors? Have you built your own cage, if so how did you make yours?? Is it the same ass the above ones? Thanks
Because of where you live, I'd suggest having a cage with some partial solid sides to hold in humidity during the winter dry months. You'll need to balance it with circulation and airflow- something that has improved each cage version I build. I'll get some photos soon, until then you can search for pictures Ive posted.

Others will chime in with cage photos aswell.
The cage is fine for indoors.
You have already been dealing with an all screen enclosure so you know how to manage water, misting etc.
Use those plans as a guide and you can customize, making the back walls solid....etc. whatever as long as there is good air circulation and it is roomy.
You can paint it with latex paint to seal and make it more attractive.
I always paint my boards before assembling...I think it makes it easier.
I built Kitty's cage based on a stand I already had. See Kitty blog.

Some people have utilized different plastics to build solid walls for their enclosures, it does not rot or warp with frequent misting, etc. and is therefore a very practical and durable solution to maintaining humidity.

I was looking at some pics of some cages and some seemed to have like a artificial wall as one of the side and had plants planted in them. How is that done? Thanks. Yes I know how to keep the humidity the way its suppose to be.
That's the back wall I was talking about lol. Its so cool. How did you do that?? I have to know lol. I so want something like that.
i was just reading this thread because i was thinking about biulding a cage yesterday to keep a chameleon downstairs.i have 5 veileds upstairs and i have some extra room idea for the cage is screen mesh on the top and front and plastic sides,bottom i already know i could get pvc but its expensive ,then i also thought of the plastic panels for a dropped ceiling i wasnt sure if they were2x4 ,im not sure how i could frame these panels .
and they gotta be clear and i dont think they are clear so i could maybe only use one for the back panel then buy some 2x4 plastic window made of plexiglass or maybe acrylic which is more then plexi.
Thanks jordan for everything. If I got some more questions ill be sure to ask. thanks alot. ill probably have another question, like right now, is there a certain blue print you went by that had like dranage system and stuff like that cause I think I want to add one of those. thanks again
:confused: Jordan those pictures are so confusing lol. I cant make out What to do or what supplies I would need. I would be very greatful if u can help me out with this too. thanks again. sorry for bothering.:D
I got to go to work right now. I can post some picture to help you with what to get when I get home. It is usually very late at night.
thanks dont worry. im always awake. im always doing something and go to sleep really late so don worry about it ill wait. thanks.
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