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So I noticed a couple days ago that Cynthia has this blue spot on her. Anyone know what this is and if I should be worried?


Chameleon Info:
* Your Chameleon - Female panther chameleon 11-12 months old not totally sure. Got her on December 28 2018.
* Handling - About once a week or so to move her to free range and back.
* Feeding - crickets , superworms, silkworms, hornworms, BSFL, isopods About 8-10 crickets or equivalent in worms. Every other day. Gutloading with Repashy superload and homemade dry gutloading.
* Supplements - repticalcium without d3 every feeding. Reptile calcium with d3 twice a month and herptavite twice a month. Repashy vitamin a once a month or so.
* Watering - mistking misting system. Mist 4 times a day twice for 8 mins and twice for 3 mins. Yes I have seen her drink.
* Fecal Description - Looks normal. Brown with white urates.
* History - Got her from a reptile store on December 28 2019. Was tested for parasites a couple months ago came back negative.

Cage Info:
* Cage Type - 16x16x30 reptibreeze.
* Lighting - basking: 40 watt white household bulb. Uvb : 24” reptisun t5 5.0 uvb. On at 7 am off at 7 pm.
* Temperature - Basking : 85 ambient : 72 - 75. overnight temp : about 65. Measured with a thermal heat gun and a probe thermometer.
* Humidity - humidity levels : 45 - 75 maintained buy : misting system, cool mist humidifier that runs for 3-4 hours in the middle of the night. Have 3 sides of cage covered with plastic to keep water and humidity in. Have 2 live Pothos plants and her laying bin to all maintain humidity. Measured with a digital humidistat.
* Plants - 2 live Pothos plants.
* Placement - in my reptile room. Not near any vents or fans. Very low traffic just me. Top of cage is about 5 feet from floor.
* Location - Ontario, Canada.

Current Problem - She has a blue spot on her side. Just wondering if I should be worried or just watch it.



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Possibly stuck shed? Have you tried using a damp Q-Tip and rubbing it off?

Doesn't look like anything to worry about to me. If it spreads then... From the pic, which is good, each scale has taken on that colour, its nothing on the surface like shed.

Thanks for the reply’s. She did recently shed but it does look more like the scales have taken on that pigment more on the surface of the scale. I’ll keep an eye on it.


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She identifies as as blue berry.

Definitely not shed, could be a bruise, as long as their is no swelling or growth I don’t see anything to worry about...

Thanks. No swelling or anything. It doesn’t seem to bother her if I touch it other then the normal don’t touch me reaction.

I think maybe a bruise. It seems to be more in the top layer of the scales and you can still see the darker pigments underneath.
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