Blue Bar Ambilobe Panthers, all shapes and sizes!

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Well maybe not allllll shapes and sizes, but we do have a few for sale of various age groups. They are all sired from BB Letharius, or Lars for short, who was purchased from Lance Chams and was sired from Amaze jr jr, listed as the first pic.

I'll start with the youngest we have for sale, they are the final two that we have remaining from the clutch of Oxana, our beautiful cb RB chameleon. The two babies are in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4thpics listed, they are just over 3 months old, and are both male. $250 for each, plus shipping.

We also have two 10 month old chams left from our clutch with Lars and Skittles, our cb BB girl. There is the now receptive Peaches, who is just lovely. She is by far the friendliest little chameleon I've ever had the pleasure of owning. I'm asking for $200 plus shipping. We are also selling her brother, who is a renounced trouble maker. He loves attention, and loves escaping any chance he gets! Currently he is having a tongue malfunction, although I've already taken him to the vet and confirmed it was a vitamin deficiency (The vitamins I was supplementing, were not processing because the reptisun 5.0 uvb bulb just wasn't enough for him. So I replaced the bulb with a new 10.0 uvb/uva bulb, and have maintained my normal supplementing pattern, and he seems to be recovering very rapidly. I'm asking for $300 for him, plus shipping, but I would like to ask that we wait until his tongue problem has recovered in full before I can feel comfortable shipping him out.


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