Blinking his eye?


Hey just a little concerned about Ricky Bobby he is blinking and rubbing his eye lots since yesterday.
He does the blink with the eye lid roll shifty thing (do we have a word for that?)
I put him in a warm shower this morning I hope it helps
Any ideas?
I know u can't tell much from the picture but who doesn't love pictures
Thanks for the help


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That's good that you put him in the shower. He might just have something in there. I would keep trying to flush it out with a warm shower, let him roll his eyes and clean them out. If it doesn't get better, you may need to go to the vet.
Thanks ill keep on it today hope its just a little something
He doesn't seem to mind the shower maybe ill try head and shoulders for his dry scalp


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Ricky Bobby is as beautiful as his name is hilarious (very much so!).

He probably just had something in his eye, and the shower was the perfect thing to do in that circumstance.

Keep the pictures coming!!
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