Blast from the past!


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Hey all! It's been a crazy few years. I relocated to Chicago from NYC for work at the beginning of this year. It's been a great move. Buckminster Bobbins is doing great - super chonky and super grumpy :ROFLMAO: He has bug guts on his face currently, so here is a photo from a few days ago.

I lurk on the forums occasionally, but just a quick hello!


salty dog

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Healthy parsonii, he looks grumpy!!! Defenite don't f*&% with me. I have a few ambilobe males that hiss and bite hard, I can't get them out lol..


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Hey!! I'm Kat and I take care of a grump named Apollo. Nice to meet u. Been off the forums for a while and I'm trying to get to know everyone I missed! Your Parsons looks healthy and hisssble! All good signs! So hello from me and Apollo!
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