Black Vieled Chameleon

oscar zoeftig

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I hope this is not a waste of time to you all. I have a Female Vieled Chameleon, captive bread, female 9 months old. It has been very happy, no problems at all, handled once or twice a week, fed on crickets and supplement in winter and flies and other wild insects summer. Has always eaten well, settled into routine very quickly in thermostat heated glass vivarium with uv lights.

We have to go abroad for a month so a neighbour is going to oook after her. Took tank round yesterday and she has been black, slow and hiding ever since. Spends most of time on ground, hardly moving. I am hoping it is stress of move only but wanted you experts advice. Cheers everyone.
It is most likely the move. Chameleons seem to be creatures of habit and don't seem to like change. It is possible it could be something else though. Can you post a pic of her?
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