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Good Evening Everyone,

Thank you all for the amazing help last week on my post for new chameleon owner.

Has anyone ever experience a black spot develop or show up on their chameleon ? Typically below the chin / mouth ?

We recently acquired a new Panther Chameleon on March 14, 2019 and took him to the Vet on March 21, 2019 for a check up and fecal test.

The vet called back on Friday March 22, 2019 and said his stool has Coccidia but did not want to treat him given it was inactive but to watch him closely for signs or symptom. He has been acting fine moving around and eating without a problem at all. He has been sleeping in the lower level of his cage.

Cage Info:

-Cage Size: 16x16x36
-Basking Bulb: Zoo Med 75 watt Basking bulb (Outside of Cage) The lighting is set on a timer to go on at 6:30 AM and Off at 7:00 PM.
-UVB Linear Tube: Zoo Med T5 5.0 (Outside of Cage) The lighting is set on a timer to go on at 6:00 AM and Off at 8:00 PM.
-Misting System: Mistking ( 7AM for 2min, 11AM for 15 sec, 2PM for 2min, and 4PM for 30 sec) Will adjust to help keep humidity up and on advice.
-Plants: Pothos, Fern, bromeliads (All cleaned and repotted before putting in cage)
-Inferred Gun (Basking temp 80-88 F), Cage is on avg 72-78 F
-Runner Cup (Food to be place in with drainage bottom)
-Placement - Low Traffic corner wall in the dinning room. Cage is on top of a Exo Terra stand.
-Location: Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Chameleon Info:
  • Your Chameleon - Tamatave , Males, 4 Months purchases from FlChams on 3/13/2019
  • Handling - Barely, maybe once a week. Recently it's been at least 3 times in the first week, given the vet check up.
  • Feeding - Vitabugs Crickets, Super Warms, Cockroaches, Silkworms. Figure I try everything see what he likes and build around that.
  • Feeder Gutload Food- Bug Burger and natural food such as (Mangos, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Collards)
  • Supplements -(Calcium) Rep Cal Calcium WITHOUT D3, (Vit A/Multivitamins) Zoo Med Reptivite with D3, For Emergencies Fkuker's Repta Boost and Liquid Calcium.
  • Watering - Big Drip and MistKing automated misting system.
  • Fecal Description - Testest for Coccidia not active. Fecals have been solid not runny. Seen some white poop and black poop.
  • History - Bought from FLChams. Arrive don 3-14-2019. arrival weight 27 grams. Weight 33 grams on 3/21/2019 during vet visit. So he gained 5 grams in a week.
The dot on his chin has slowly been clearing up and isn't as dark as the photo describes. The vet said to watch it and was not worried.

Any one have any thoughts ?



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Not that I know of. I've been feeding him via tongs and the runner cup.

I'm just a little loss.

We went ahead and order the medication to treat the Coccidia in case and will pick it up on Monday.


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The Vet mention something about it being common in panthers but it isn't active. I guess because he was not showing a active strain he didn't want to stress him out anymore.

I made changes to the cages as requested on my first post and change UVB to a 5.0 T8 and raised the heat lamp. We also added another mister to the system so he has 2 mistaking nozzles and changed up the misting for him.

I've also made a solution of hydrogen peroxide to clean his cage end of the month with a steam cleaner as he chills on a giant house plant.


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I have heard of people not treating coccidia before. Apparently there are cases where the cham isn't affected at all by it and the medication could possibly do more damage? Correct me if I'm wrong someone.


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My vet told me if the chameleon is older with a better established immune system they may not need meds when having tiny amounts of coccidia but usually babies need the extra help but I’m sure everyone has there own opinions on that
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