Biting rock.

Curtis James

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In the last week I have noticed my Cham shooting at things near bottom of cage. So as a worried dad I scrubbed and cleaned the cage to clear all debri. I put him back in cage and a little while later he was near the bottom again biting a rock( pictured) kind of aggressively... not sure why thoughts?


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I have a large cage. So I have two 50 watt baking bulbs in with two uvb bulbs
When you say two uvb bulbs what are you using? What strength uvb and types?
I can see the linear one off to the side. This really needs to run horizontally across the cage. Is the other uvb a compact bulb?You only need one basking fixture. The idea is to have temperature gradients throughout the top to the bottom. So they have one area on top where it is warmer.
Young panthers also should not have temps higher then 82 degrees at basking. At 9 months this gets brought up to 85-90 for a male.
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