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Hi everyone,

I'm new to all this. Had my yemen chameleon since Tuesday and cant take my eyes off him :) he's 10 weeks old and seems to be settling in slowly. I have an 18x18x18 vivarium with a screened top to it. All the temps are correct and humidity is about 55%.

I was a bit worried at first coz he didnt eat straight away but after tempting him with a wax worm and giving him a few locusts instead of crickets he's starting to stuff his face :) However, my only worry now is him drinking. The place i got him from had him drinking water from a dish, and i've heard this can be done but he doesnt seem to be going anywhere near it. I've been misting the tank on a daily basis and using the ice cube method ocassionally but what do you suggest is the best method to get him drinking???? :confused:

Finally my other question is....does anyone know mood they're in when they're a certain colour i.e what does it mean when he is green with yellow spots??

your help and advice wud be great

thanks all :D
If he is showing those colors he is content. If he turns black and puffs up he is angry. Have level suface leaves that collect water droplets easy. such as a schefflera aboricola. If your worried hes not drinking a lot of yemens dont drink in front of you
is it true to say they're content when their tales are coiled up? and is it enought water to be misting the tank on a daily basis? thanks for your help :)
there are many theories on tail curling. some say they do it when they are relaxed and some say they do it when they are threatened. one thing is for sure that they do it when they sleep. I think they so it when they are threatened. they might want to tuck it away so it doesnt get mistaken as a snack. thats just my many times a day do you mist him? you should do it at least 2 times a day. 2-5 minutes each mist.
Well iv been trying to mist it twice a day but he seems to hate it and runs off :eek: how wet do I have to make the tank, coz if I was spraying the tank for 5 minutes it'll be soaked? Is that ok?:confused: iv read so many things getting a little confused now :D
its ok for him not to like it. my guy will drink directly from the squirt bottle though :) just mist untill you see 1/4 inch water droplets forming
Ok ill give it another go in the morning, thanks for your help. I think he's still settling in coz he's quite weary about sudden movements and water etc :D this site has been really useful for info!
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