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How does my substrate look?? I used two bags for organic potting soil. Half bag of reptibark, 1 8qt bag of spag moss, a very generous part of sand. I’m thinking about getting another bag of soil and adding it. What do you guys think?


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I think that’s a good idea. I saw your recipe in the other post. I added my recipe below for comparison, it’s been great so far. I added more soil than one part, it was more like a part and a half.

  • One part soil (I used fox farm ocean forrest)
  • One part coarse additive (fine bark, orchid bark, reptibark)
  • One to two parts moisture additive (sphagnum moss)
  • One part sand additive (play sand, reptile sand, something with grit)

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Oops... I should have said, "Pots can be covered with river pebbles." :oops:
The pots in my cham enclosure are covered, however...
  • It's going to come up with folks planning/building bioactive enclosures
  • I'm building another (different non-bioactive) enclosure, and we're having trouble finding perlite-free soil


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That doesn't have perlite, but that other type of thing that's like a lightweight stone perlite thing that's better for the environment. I forgot what it's called

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Pumice—like perlite—is a volcanic rock. Among other things, it's the gritty stuff in Lava soap, and it floats on water. I'd consider it an "etc." (impaction hazard) in my OP.


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Same. I use the Ocean Forest for potted plants and just a little bit in my bioactive cages (I don't have females, so I don't have to worry about digging). I use ABG mixes and other soils and add in my own amendments for my roach and isopod bins and bioactive cages
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